Mormon Mission Prep Book CoverTitle: Mormon Mission Prep: A Practical Guide to Spiritual and Physical Preparation
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Paperback: 116 pages
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Book Description

Mormon Mission Prep: A Practical Guide to Spiritual and Physical Preparation takes a unique look at missionary preparation by focusing on the practical as well as the spiritual side of preparing to serve the Lord. The book provides details on the application forms and estimated timelines of when to start and how long steps should take. Knowing the mission call process can relieve stress and help prevent unnecessary delays in getting the mission call. Becoming an effective missionary also means knowing and using the scriptures, maintaining your worthiness, understanding the gospel, and developing a testimony. Author Jimmy Smith address all those issues and more in this book that is full of tips on preparing both spiritually and physically for an LDS mission.

About the Author

Photo Jimmy Smith served a mission for the LDS Church in Rosario, Argentina from 1995 to 1997. He has worked for the LDS Church since 2008 in the IT department and with Seminaries and Institutes of Religion. Jimmy specializes in Web analytics and Internet marketing. He has a bachelor’s degree from Brigham Young University and an MBA degree from Arizona State University. His professional experience also includes work as a Software Engineer with Motorola and a Strategic Marketing Analyst with FedEx. He resides in Lehi, Utah, with his kind and beautiful wife Heather and their five children.

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