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Sharing the Gospel Online

A couple of years ago, Elder M. Russell Ballard gave a landmark address called Sharing the Gospel Using the Internet.  In the spirit of that address, I am announcing the launch of a new section of Mormon Mission Prep that I’m calling Mormon Share. In Mormon Share (under “Share” in the site top navigation), you […]

Arriving in Your Mission

After your time in the MTC is up, generally 3 or 9 weeks, you will travel to your assigned mission. That might mean a drive down the street or a flight half way around the world. Arriving in your mission, for many missionaries, means culture-shock and fear of the unknown. Arriving in your mission as […]

Primary Activity on Missionary Work

Last weekend I was asked at the last minute to help with a primary activity on missionary work. This activity was very similar to one I had participated in years ago and for which I had made a little 4 minute video slide show.  Lucky for me, we found the old DVD so I could […]

Mission Application Form

The mission application form, also known as the Missionary Recommend Packet or the Checklist for Full-Time Missionary Recommendation, is the official paperwork you will need to fill out when applying to go on a mission for the LDS Church. You can get the mission application form from your bishop or branch president. He will give you all the paperwork […]

Seminary and Institute

The LDS Church Seminary and Institute programs are great mission preparation services that all future missionaries should take advantage of. This is what our former prophet, President Spencer W. Kimball said about seminary and institute and how they aid in missionary preparation. “Young men having planned for 19 years to fill a mission will be […]

Man of Faith: The Conversion of German Arrieta

I met German (pronounced Herman) Arrieta on one of my first days in the Godoy neighborhood of Rosario, in April 1997. The previous missionaries had found German and taught him and his wife, Sara, the first discussion.  Then I was transferred to the area and arrived prior to the second discussion.  When we went to […]

The MTC – Missionary Training Center

A few years ago, when my youngest brother Michael was about to enter to the Missionary Training Center (MTC) in Provo, Utah, I was talking to him about life there and I realized he didn’t know what to expect once he arrived at the MTC.  So I thought some information about what to expect at […]


The following is a the text of a talk I gave in Church today. It’s not extremely mission prep related, except inasmuch as missionaries’ work is to help establish Zion. But hopefully you’ll still enjoy it. City of Enoch I’d like to talk to you about the Zion society known as the City of Enoch. […]

Missionary Work Cleanses Sin

One of the blessings of missionary work is that it cleanses sin. Of course only our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ has the power to cleanse us of sin, but what I mean when I say that missionary work cleanses sin is that by faithfully doing missionary work, we naturally do the things that are […]

Conversion Story of Aldo from Beltrán

The conversion story of Aldo is perhaps the easiest conversion process and baptism of my whole mission…well, at least on our part, as a missionaries, we didn’t have to do much. I suppose most, if not all, of the conversion process is between the convert and the Lord, but I digress. It was September 1996, […]