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Conversion Stories: The Godoy Family

I met the Godoy family, when I was serving in the Godoy ward in the city of Rosario Argentina.  Carlos and his wife, Beatriz, were at a photo shop, with their two children, Carlos Jr. and Angelica, getting a family photo made when my companion and I walked into the store.  We commented on what […]

A Mission Prepares You for Temple Marriage

Last year, when I wrote about Mission Companions, I mentioned that learning to get along with your mission companion is excellent practice for learning to get along with your eternal companion, your wife. Today I’d like to elaborate more on how a mission prepares you for temple marriage. The Importance of Temple Marriage Those who […]

Lesson on What is the Priesthood

Download What is the Priesthood presentation. View more presentations from Jimmy Smith Lesson Activity My calling in my ward is an assistant scout master with the 11-year-old Scouts.  As the boys turn twelve, they move on to do their Scouting with the 12-year-old deacons, and they are ordained to the priesthood.  I recently realized that […]

What is the Priesthood?

When I was a student at Brigham Young University, I took a class on the Doctrine and Covenants with a professor named Dennis Wright.  It was one of the more difficult religion classes I ever took, but it was also probably one in which I learned more than most.  I remember studying some sections on […]

I Will Go Where You Want Me to Go

One of my favorite missionary hymns was written by a good woman, who was not a Latter-day Saint, Mary Brown, who’s words express the faithful commitment of followers of Christ in all ages: I’ll Go Where You Want Me to Go. It may not be on the mountain height Or over the stormy sea, It […]

Mission Call Letter

An important step in the Mission Call Process, and one that is the focus of much anticipation for the future missionary as well as family and friends, is receiving the mission call letter. After you’ve fill out your mission papers and submitted the application, it is a very anxious few weeks that you have to […]

Leadership Part 2: Captain Moroni

This is the second in a series of three articles on leadership. In the first article on leadership (see Leadership Part 1: Jesus, the Perfect Leader), I quoted President Kimball saying that the scriptures contain many examples of effective leaders that we should study. In that spirit, I’d like to share with you the following […]

Leadership Part 1: Jesus, the Perfect Leader

As a missionary, you will have countless opportunities to lead: as a senior companion, as an example to the members in your area, as a district or zone leader. Surely each of you future missionaries are among the noble and great ones the prophet Abraham saw in vision of whom the Lord said, “these I […]

Missionaries Are Called by God

The following is an excerpt, text and video, from Elder Ronald A. Rasband’s talk from the April 2010 Priesthood Session of General Conference called The Divine Call of a Missionary. In the talk, Elder Rasband explains the LDS Mission Call Process, particularly, how missionaries are called by God through inspiration to living prophets. Part of […]