This category of articles is about the work performed by full-time missionaries of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Like most of the content on this site, it is a mix of both the spiritual and practical aspects of missionary work.

Prayer and Testimony

john smith missionary montrealThe following is a story about promptings from the spirit, prayer, and testimony in missionary work that I received today from my brother, Elder John Smith, who is serving in the Canada Montreal Mission.

“When I first showed up in this area 2 weeks ago I was blessed to have the opportunity to work with an investigator who had just accepted the baptismal commitment just a couple of days before my arrival.  His baptismal date is for July 18th and things are looking incredible.  His name is Hector and he is originally from Mexico, but has lived here for 3 years or so.  He has already acquired a testimony of the truthfulness of our message and continually tells us how he wants to share the spirit he has felt with everyone else.  He is sincere and humble and it is the greatest blessing to be able to work with someone who has such a thirst for the truth as this man does.

We went over to his place to teach him the lesson of the Gospel of Jesus Christ,  which is essentially the 4th article of faith in greater detail.  When we showed up Hectors girlfriend asked if she could sit in and listen, to which we replied of course.  They both sat through the entire lesson and the spirit was very strongly manifested throughout the course of the visit.  At the end of the lesson my companion asked Melanie (the girlfriend) if she would like to be jesus christ flip chartbaptized as well.  She said yes and then she proceeded to tell us of an experience she had.

Throughout the course of Hector’s investigation Melanie has been skeptical of the whole thing.  When Hector agreed to be baptized and to make the necessary changes to join the church Melanie was frustrated and told Hector that we were just brain washing him, and that we worship Joseph Smith and what not.  Hector countered her attacks by bearing his testimony to her and telling her that if she really wanted to know if all of this was true that she needed to ask God.

woman prayingShe took his advice and prayed that night about all of these things and she said that she felt the holy spirit enter into her soul.  She said she felt goose bumps.  And so with that experience and our invitation to baptism she could not deny what needed to be done.  She almost didn’t tell us about this experience of hers, and she probably wouldn’t have done it then if we had not invited her to be baptized.  Luckily my companion acted upon that prompting because I was not planning on inviting her at that time, although I did have the thought come to my head briefly.  Next time I will pay more attention to the spirit’s promptings.”

What a wonderful story of two men, Hector and the missionary, feeling the promptings of the Holy Spirit and bearing testimony.  And as a consequence, a humble prayer was answered and another testimony was gained of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ.

New Section: Mormon Missionaries in the News

mormon missionaries newsI’ve added a new section to the Web site called Mormon Missionaries in the News.

I have found, in my daily perusing of the news, that I often run across articles in which Mormon missionaries or LDS Church missionary service is highlighted.  The Mormon Missionaries in the News page has about six articles posted there now, and I will add to that over time.

If you know of a news article about Mormon missionaries that is not listed below, please contact Mormon Mission and I’ll add it to the page.

Also, don’t forget about the page of recommended reading on missionary preparation with articles from Church General Authorities. I recently added a good article for the youth called Spiritual Crocodiles, and a good one on leadership skills called Jesus: The Perfect Leader.

Video Update: Story on Power of the Book of Mormon

I have added a video to my previous post: The Power of the Book of Mormon. I thought that instead of just putting the story in writing, I could record myself telling the story and embed the video in the post.  Let me know how you like this format.

2009 Mission Call Map Feature Announcement

I’ve put a cool new feature on the Mormon Missionary Preparation Web site that I hope many people utilize: a Mission Call Map.  It is an interactive map of the world with pictures of missionaries in the places they served.  I hope to fill this map with hundreds of photos of missionaries who have benefited from this Web site.  So for those of you preparing to enter the mission field, once you get your call from the prophet, please add your photo and mission location to the map.

Note in 2010: New additions to the Mission Call Map has been cancelled until I can figure out an easier, more automated way of doing it.

Note in 2015: I have created a new Mission Call Map feature, please check it out at the previous link or submit your mission call here.

mission call map

If your mission call is still a long ways off, or if you are a parent of a missionary, or if you just like the site and want to add your photo, please feel free to add your information to the map anyway by sending me your photo and home town.