Arrival of Baby #6

I haven’t been posting lately because life has gotten really busy with the birth of our sixth baby a few weeks ago. This was my wife Heather’s sixth c-section. She is a brave woman of great faith and she did great throughout the trials of pregnancy, delivery, and recovery. We are so grateful for competent and caring doctors and nurses and the watchful care of the Lord over our family.

We named the baby Scotland Charles Smith. Scotland after my many Scottish ancestors, several of whom were pioneers in joining the Church. Charles is a family name on my wife’s side, and I just thought he looked like a Charles. We may be predestining him to serve a mission in Scotland some day, but that wouldn’t be so bad.

Mother and baby are both doing very well. Here are some pics.

scotty and daddy

scotty and mommy

smith family aug 2014

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  1. Julie Graham
    Julie Graham says:

    Jimmy, even though this is an older post, I wanted to ask your advice on spacing of children’s ages.

    My husband and I have a 15 month old daughter and we are expecting her little brother in 4 months. Time and experience will tell, but we’re trying to gauge how far apart to space our children’s births. Not sure how many we’ll have and not sure how well we will be able to control the timing of things, but how has your experience been? Are there any age gaps you would recommend or advise against?


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