Stack of BooksI am often asked what missionary preparation books I would recommend for young people (and those not so young anymore). So here you go. Most Importantly:

I have read a lot of other mission prep books, listed below. All of these are good books, though some are better than others.

  • Raising Ourselves to the Bar by Brad Wilcox
  • What I Wish I’d Known Before My Mission by John Bytheway
  • Raising the Bar: Missionaries to Match the Message by Ed J. Pinegar (also available in Audio CD: Raising the Bar)
  • How to Be an Extraordinary Missionary by John Bytheway
  • Prepare With Honor: A Guide for Future Missionaries by Randy L. Bott
  • The Ultimate Missionary Companion by Ed J. Pinegar

Then, of course, there is the book I wrote in 2011–Mormon Mission Prep: A Practical Guide to Spiritual and Physical Preparation by James R. Smith. The book is a little dated now, but it is still full of great information, and it’s a great deal–$10 for a brand new copy.