How to Be an Online Missionary

typing on computer keywordAs a follow up to my post on Church-Service Missions for older couples and single sisters, I’d like to go into a little more detail about how sign up to be an online missionary. This is particularly in response to several people who have mentioned to me that they have the time and resources to be a part-time missionary from home doing computer work online, but they are not sure how to get started.

Search for Opportunities

One of the first thing you will want to do is to learn more about Church-Service Missions and to check out the open opportunities. To learn about the program, go to the Church-Service Mission website for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints but to search for open opportunities, you’ll need to go to a different website, the Senior Missionary website. Once on the Senior Missionary website, hover over the “Search Opportunities” then click on “Church-Service Mission” link. The page you will then be on will allow you to search for opportunities that can be done from your home, to find those, select the “Serve from home” filter.

As of November 2018, a quick search I performed showed hundreds of opportunities, many doing family history and temple work, which would be done from the comfort of your own home working on your own personal computer. If you find an online or computer-related opportunity that you would be interested in, the postings on the website have instructions on how to obtain more information  click on the “Request Information” link to send a message to the person who listed the opportunity.

The Church encourages members to make contact and discuss service opportunities with the person listed in the posting. This allows potential missionaries and the Church sponsor to determine if there is a good fit. Also remember to prayerfully consider the assignment to determine if the service opportunity is right for you.

How to initiate the mission call

Once you have confirmed that a given opportunity is available and is one you want to pursue, go back to the posting and click the “Submit” button to complete the recommendation form. When you apply for a Church-Service Missionary position on the website, your bishop and stake president are notified. They may meet with you to review the assignment. Church department representatives for that assignment may also contact you to determine if this assignment is a good fit for you. If no changes are recommended, your stake president will formally extend to you the call. Your bishop will set you apart, and you will receive instructions from the assignment supervisor.

Informal Online Missionary Service

Please also remember that you don’t need a formal call to be an online missionary. Recall what President David O. McKay used to say, “Every member a missionary.” This Missionary Prep website that you are now reading is an example of my informal online missionary work. No one in the Church called me or asked me to create this site. I simply felt promoted by the Spirit of the Lord to do it. You too, without a formal missionary calling, can set up a website or blog or social media account or otherwise participate in the online conversation about the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. So get out there, find something consistent with your missionary DNA, share your beliefs, try to touch people’s hearts, and in the process you will become an online member missionary, and do great things to move the work of the Lord forward.

Church-Service Missions

senior church-service missionaries
Editor’s Note: The article below refers to Church-Service Missions for older couples and individuals. Please click here to see a separate article with information on Service Missions for Young Missionaries.

Mormon Church Service Missions Church-service missions are a type of missionary work that older members can do who don’t have children at home. Church service missions are an excellent opportunity for elderly members who are unable to travel away from their home town area. Church-service missionaries live at home while serving as close to full-time as their circumstances allow. As of 2006, there were nearly 12,000 Church service missionaries serving worldwide, and Church leaders feel there would be more positions filled if more people knew about the opportunities available.

Church service missionaries have been helping to build and support the operations of the Church worldwide since 1979.  The Church-Service Missionary Program provides a growing and varied number of ways to serve. This important missionary workforce helps many Church operations provide the necessary products and services. And serving others brings great blessings to those missionaries and to the Church.

“There is a wide range of part-time Church-service opportunities available for both young and old. To be recommended as a Church-service missionary, one must be temple worthy, physically and emotionally able to perform required duties, able to support themselves financially, and at least 19 years of age. There is no upper age limit.

“The Church maintains listings of these needs on The postings, submitted by Church-service missionary coordinators worldwide, are updated regularly and published online at the Church-Service Mission site. Doctors, hosts, grounds crew—even someone to change the tires in the fleet garage—they are all enlisted as volunteers that help the Church run smoothly…

“The call to fulfill a Church-service mission comes a little differently than a call for a full-time mission. Worthy individuals willing to serve are encouraged to select an open position they feel they are qualified for. In addition to being interviewed by their bishop and stake president, they are often interviewed by the given department or job manager to ensure they are up to the tasks required. They are then called by their stake president—not the prophet—and set apart by their bishop.” (from News of the Church, March 2006, “Many Opportunities for Church-Service Missionaries”)

The Church-Service Mission site has a listing of current openings, answers to frequently asked questions, and the recommendation form for a Church-Service Mission. There are also several good videos on the site which I have posted below for your enjoyment. Enjoy!

Go to the LDS Church-Service Mission website

Video: Addiction Recovery Program: Mormon Church Service Mission Part 1

Not long after Elder and Sister Olsen were married, they felt a desire to serve a mission together. They chose the Church’s Addiction Recovery Program where they learned to serve with unconditional love.

Video: Opportunities for Young Adults: Mormon Church Service Mission Part 2

Elder Warner was serving a full-time mission in Brazil when he had to come home for medical treatment. A little disappointed at first, he chose a Church-Service mission where he could find joy serving God in an unexpected way.

Video: Serving from Home: Mormon Church Service Mission Part 3

Elder Schoonmaker had polio as a child which made a full-time mission impossible. He and his wife chose a Church-Service mission with Family History and were able to work from home.