Day of the Week Mission Calls are Issued and Mailed Out

LDS first presidency march 2018

Please note that the Church made an announcement on September 5, 2018 that by the end of the year, they anticipate that most mission call letters will be delivered electronically. This will likely necessitate changes in the process outlined in the article below, which deals with the Church mail room and sending out mission call packets via snail mail. Until it is determined what those changes are, I’ll leave the post below as it, but please note that the new electronic process for sending out mission calls will likely speed things up. 

I am frequently asked about steps in the LDS mission call process and a couple of the common questions are about what day of the week the apostles meet to make the mission assignments and subsequently, what day of the week does the mission call letter and packet will get mailed out. The answer to both of these questions is that it depends. Let me explain.

What day of the week do the apostles meet to make mission calls?

In most weeks, the member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles will meet and make these call assignments on Friday. But depending on their schedule, that day can vary. Thursdays are the second most common day in which they meet, but it’s not unheard of for them to make the assignments on a Tuesday or Wednesday.

The missionary call assignment meeting is held weekly and is presided over by one of the twelve apostles. While all mission call letters are signed by the prophet and president of the Church, we should remember that each of the Twelve Apostles are also a prophet, seer, and revelator, and the Church president has delegated to them the responsibility to make mission assignments. In the weekly meeting, the apostle reviews new missionary applications and through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit of God, assigns each missionary to a specific mission. President Henry B. Eyring once spoke about this process when he was explaining how each call is inspired. Elder Ronald A. Rasband also explained this process and how missionaries are called by God in his April 2010 General Conference talk.

What day of the week does the mission call letter go out?

On most weeks, the call packets are received by the Church headquarters mail room on Tuesday, and are mailed out that same day. Because Tuesday is the most likely day for the call packets to be mailed out, those living near Salt Lake City, will usually receive it one day later, on Wednesday. Those living further away from Utah, should plan accordingly for additional days for the call packet to arrive. Remember, however, that there is variation to that schedule and the day that the mission call letter is mailed out could be different than the norm if the day the called was issued was different in that week, or based on other factors unique to individual missionaries, mission circumstances, holiday schedules, and if translation needs to be involved.

I hope this helps. Let me know if you have other questions.

LDS Quorum of 12 Apostles April 2018